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Why Visit

By visiting the Dhaka Travel Mart, you may get

  • Opportunity to have an overview of Bangladesh’s entire travel trade under one roof
  • Opportunity to interact with a wide array of local and international exhibitors who shall exclusively participate in DTM
  • Ideal opportunity for corporate sector and travel buyers to identify new travel vendors in travel and hospitality
  • Investors can identify business opportunities in travel and hospitality sector
  • A strong line-up of speakers at the DTM conferences discussing current industry scenarios
  • Network and sign deals with influential industry experts and leading delegates across the country

Corporate Sectors and Investors

  • Are you the CEO of an organization?
  • Are you leading the travel and mobility section of an organization?
  • Are you looking for a travel management vendor or want to diversify your current pool of vendors?
  • Are you interested to make a lucrative investment in Bangladesh’s thriving travel, tourism and hospitality sector?

International Exhibitors

  • Do you know Bangladesh’s population is approx. 165 million? This is four times bigger than the entire population of GCC countries and approx. 40% of the entire population of European Union
  • Do you know Bangladesh is an important component of China’s One Belt One Road initiative and China is investing approx. US $57 billion in Bangladeshi economy through Bangladesh China Economic Corridor?
  • Do you know that Forbes published a report in November 2016 with a title that Bangladesh’s Markets are leaving India’s economy and other regional economies into dust through progress?
  • Do you know Bangladesh is home to five +5000 Meters peaks?
  • Do you know Bangladesh has the largest mangrove forest, Sundarban?
  • Do you know Bangladesh has over 21 tribes in the hill tracts?
  • Do you know that Bangladesh has a rich cultural heritage and an ancient civilization. It has heritages from the Buddhist, Mughals and the Europeans?
  • Do you know Bangladesh’s Northern Areas are home to world’s most spectacular mountains and breathtaking valleys?
  • Do you know that today’s Bangladesh is safe and has witnessed a significant improvement in law and order?
  • Do you know the current volume of travel trade in Bangladesh is approx. TK.500 billion, which is expected to increase to TK.1 Trillion by 2025?