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About The Show

Welcome to Bangladesh’s leading travel trade show. Dhaka Travel Mart (DTM) is a broad-spectrum travel and tourism event that connects all stakeholders of Bangladesh, including travel, tourism and other travel related services hospitality. DTM is a platform to promote inbound, outbound and domestic travel in Bangladesh and explore prospects in Bangladeshi market. DTM shall integrate all segments of mobility to create synergies, hence generating business and creating value for its participants. DTM inspires the belief that Bangladesh is rising and world’s eighth largest country, is all set for further integration with rest of the world.

Bangladesh is a country of natural beauty, hilly mountains, longest beach, favorable climate, six seasons which are the key factors to develop eco-tourism, sustainable tourism and rural tourism. Bangladesh has several archaeological and historical sites too. And the hospitality of people and local culture, life style is a unique selling point. Tourism is a growing industry in Bangladesh. It generated 2, 67,000 international tourists in 2019 and international tourism generated US$ 333 million in export earnings as of 2019. According to WTTC direct employment support by travel and tourism, is forecast to raise by 2.9 percent per annum to 1,854,900 jobs or 1.9 percent of total employment in 2023. This opens an entire world of opportunities and possibilities.